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Webinar: Creating a Translations Team at your Organization

Learn how you can create a translations team to provide high quality, consistent, and accurate information in a language other than English at your organization. Benefits include standardization and accuracy of language as well as outreach and marketing to a different audience. Learn about how to manage requests, translate, collaborate, review, and disseminate translations from librarians at the Los Angeles Public Library.

Presenters: Anna Avalos, Senior Librarian, Multilingual Collections
Ana Campos, Senior Librarian, International Languages
Lupie Leyva, Senior Librarian, R.L. Stevenson
Madeline Peña, Senior Librarian, Digital Content Team
Dinorah Pinelo, Senior Librarian, Catalog Manager
Edwin Rodarte, Senior Librarian, Emerging Technologies
Patty Valdovinos, Librarian, Multilingual Collections

Cost: FREE for REFORMA members, $15 for non-members